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Could These Be Future Apple Products?
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Could These Be Future Apple Products?

With Apple constantly raising the bar with their innovation tech and product designs, Get Up & Support NYC contributor, Gusto, has created a series of mock up Apple products that could be developed in the future that might ‘improve’ and make our lives better.

Hands up if you would like to see these Apple products developed!

Full iOS/iCloud integration: Allows users to play video games on the go

Charges your iOS devices as you cycle; switches resistance to match terrain

Includes 12 iBean coffee packets

Full iTunes store integration to directly download movies or cooking apps

Equipped with Apple filtration system that purifies any type of polluted water 

Great flavor and low in fat! 

Auto-lace feature: Slide to unlock and re-lock; available in Black or White

10-megapixel iSight Camera, HD video recording, Face detection in still images and auto-focus

Equipped with CMY color cartridges; Pantone color chart free if bought as a set with Black Spray Can

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