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A colorful gateway welcome visitors to designjunction
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A colorful gateway welcome visitors to designjunction

Those four four-meter high ceramic tiled archways form a temporary installation at Granary Square, King’s Cross, for Designjunction during the past London Design Festival 2017.

Created by Turkishceramic and designed by Adam Nathaniel Furman, the gates lead visitors through the site’s central fountain space with a totally encompassing and mezmerizing walkway of colors and reflections, as well as of enriched details of craftsmanship and heritage.

“From the Ishtar Gate of Babylon, the Safavid facades of Isfahan’s Naqsh-e Jahan square, and Sinan’s divine ottoman mosques, to the maiolica cloisters of Santa Chiara in Naples, the gothic terracotta of the Soaring wool worth building in New York, and the famous red glazed ceramic underground stations of London, ceramics have always been, and continue to be, both the most historic, resonant and traditional, as well as the most fresh, perpetually surprising, delightful and exciting of architectural materials. There is no other architectural treatment that has remained as fresh, relevant and cool as ceramics has from a thousand years BC, right through into the 21st century” stated the designer.

The bold, vibrant and colorful “gateways” each display a distinct design story, ranging from artisanal handcrafted tiles of the ottoman empire to the innovative products of today.

Photography by Hufton + Crow

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