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Color Jam | jessica stockholder
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Color Jam | jessica stockholder

american artist jessica stockholder‘s ‘color jam‘ installation sees a downtown chicago intersection awash with color.
the artist envisioned a ‘three-dimensional painting’, with color spilling out of windows,
through doors, and onto the buildings and sidewalks of the crossroads of state and adams.

‘color jam’ is chicago’s largest public art project to date and was commissioned by
the chicago loop alliance – it will remain in place until september 30, 2012.

following text from the official press release

“walk on, in, and through the canvas of renowned artist jessica stockholder this 
summer with color jam.

the fictive potential of surface, so thoroughly cultivated through the history of 
painting, is always ready to burst, spilling forth imagined richness, full of emotional, 
subjective resonance, and wandering focus is here woven together with the 
more mundane everyday surface of the street corner. the piece celebrates 
and demands that the evocative surface of this chicago street corner be expanded. 
the corner is canvas, stage, pedestal, and frame against which the public can 
view a parade of shifting color relationships.”

‘color jam’ is part of art loop, an award-winning series that activates the 
loop with contemporary art. previous art loop installations include 
tony tasset’s eye and cardinal (2010) and kay rosen’s go do good (2011).

on display through september, color jam’ invites the public to participate 
in a series of programs—or jams—taking the form of concerts, talks, and 
happenings throughout the loop. in addition, several loop businesses 
are offering color jam-themed specials, ranging from color-tinis 
to jammin’ hotel discounts.”

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