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Coletivos | Cassio Vasconcellos
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Coletivos | Cassio Vasconcellos

Brazilian artist Cassio Vasconcellos‘s images will make you wonder where the real ends and the imaginary begins. His huge-scale images are all mosaics of other ones, making up rich, complex “photographs” of subjects from human beings to airports to fields. From a distance, you’ll be drawn in by the geometric patterns within each image, and will want to discover each individual detail as you get closer and closer. See some images below, and the whole collection on Cassio’s website, here.


Images: Cassio Vasconcello

colectivos_feeldesain_01 colectivos_feeldesain_02 colectivos_feeldesain_03 colectivos_feeldesain_04 colectivos_feeldesain_05 colectivos_feeldesain_06 colectivos_feeldesain_07 colectivos_feeldesain_08 colectivos_feeldesain_09 colectivos_feeldesain_10 colectivos_feeldesain_11 colectivos_feeldesain_12

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