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Cinema Center Madrid
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Cinema Center Madrid

The ambitious project of the churtichaga+quadra salcedo (ch+qs) architects was the refurbishment and conversion of an old slaughterhouse in Madrid into a public cinema center, housing a film archive, film and television studio, two cinemas, offices, canteen, and summer film patio. This is architecture at it’s best. During my studies in Madrid this year, I was lucky to visit this architectural highlight and living playground for creatives with its tectonic history of brick land and the powerful rhetoric of the old slaughterhouse in the background. The big Film Archive Area is covered by a permeable basket, huge, walkable, that filters light and works as a lamp, a huge figure of a modest orange hose knitted infinitely.

It was first constructed at the beginning of the twentieth century and was used as an abattoir and livestock market for around 85 years. Now memories even the bad ones twist and fly while working on architectural past. The architects tried to coexist and respect what was once there and bring truth and beauty to this space. Their imagination became their guide to tie in the past with the present and the raw emotion with the practical. They say about this place: ‘The magical backlight and contrast of the films, the childhood fascination of basketry and technical human infinite geometries are the sensory triangle… the rest is to surround in spiral this atmosphere, this feeling, and define it constructively.’ I can totally recommend this place to watch your favorite movie with your favorite boy in this magical area.

All images © churtichaga+quadra salcedo (ch+qs) architects 

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