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Church Conversion | Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects
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Church Conversion | Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects

You have to admire a good church conversion, and this one, created for a family in Illinois is simply wonderful. The conversion, by Linc Thelen Design and Scrafano Architects, took a 5,500 square foot church and transformed it into a stylish, minimal living space for a couple and their three kids. The conversion certainly posed challenges, like how to make the space with its high ceilings and enormous windows feel homely, but the final result is beautiful. Wooden floors keep an element of warmth, and ceiling heights have been used to great advantage, allowing the family to have a huge fireplace in not one but two rooms. The kids rooms and smaller living areas include pretty, graphic wallpapers and creative play space solutions. Of course, the stained glass windows are the stars of the show throughout the house, and there’s no forgetting the building’s origins. More photos of the transformation can be found below.

ChurchHouse_feeldesain_01 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_02 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_03 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_04 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_05 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_06 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_07 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_08 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_09 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_10 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_11 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_12 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_13 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_14 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_15 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_16 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_17 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_18 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_19 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_20 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_21 ChurchHouse_feeldesain_22

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