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A ceramic study of art history and imperfection
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A ceramic study of art history and imperfection

The Spanish artist Coco Fernández, once a perfectionist, now commits her practice to imperfection and originality, working across the spectrum of painting, pottery, fashion and photography.

In this series, the featured pottery pieces are decorated with block colour patterns immediately reminiscent of Henri Matisse’s cut out shapes. The shoot was created as a collaborative project with photographer Alicia Peiró and model Sara Chacón, presenting the works on white sheet covered plinths and surrounded by tropical flowers and fruits, as if a still life set-up waiting to be painted. Due to the art historical references of Matisse, André Derain and the Fauvism Movement combined with the minimal white concrete backdrop, the images present a temporal and spatial uncertainty.

Photography by Alicia Peiró

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