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CAVE SERENO | Studio Mk27
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CAVE SERENO | Studio Mk27

The architects Marcio Kogan with Maria Cristina Motta and the interiors projected by Transform Architecture, has completed the design of an exclusive beachfront residential community in Vietnam’s ha long bay. The name he gave to this project is ‘caye sereno’. The complex comprises 18 luxury villas that each offer unobstructed views of the bay and its small picturesque islands. The scheme represents Vietnam’s aspiration to become a market for luxury residential property development and investment. Prices starting at $3 million USD, each 3-6 bedroom dwelling features a private infinity pool in addition to a range of indoor and outdoor entertainment spaces. At ground level, expansive living and dining areas have been crafted using natural materials, while above, cantilevered volumes protrude over spacious poolside terraces.

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