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Cartoframma | Daniele Papuli
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Cartoframma | Daniele Papuli

Italy-based artist Daniele Papuli creates site-specific installations made of paper. The sculptural floor piece known as Cartoframma consists of over 10,000 strips of paper that curve and spiral out to create a magnificent rippling effect.

Despite being made entirely out of paper, the piece gives the illusion of a fibrous texture or liquid consistency. At first glance, I thought I was looking at a large creased piece of silk, draped across a hall, or perhaps a current of crystallized water.

Papuli’s decision to work primarily with paper began in 1993 after trip to Berlin where he attended a workshop on the methods of manufacturing paper. Since then, the sculptor has gone on to utilize the delicate material, experimenting with its form and strength. Paper is, all at once, a difficult medium to work with, because of its fragility, and an inspiring one due to its flexibility and the ease with which one can manipulate it.

As riveting as the work is as a stand-alone, the artist adds another layer to it that includes dance. By combining a performance element with the sculptural piece, the experience is enhanced, making for an intriguing exhibition known as Frame Cartoframma.

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