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Carpet Illustration with Bic pencils
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Carpet Illustration with Bic pencils

Jonathan Bréchignac / Made to fit the size of an actual Muslim prayer carpet, this piece is drawn only with black Bic pencils. Painstakingly detailed, it explores different ways and patterns to create a unique whole with only a simple tool. The inspiration comes from different types of art (French roman, traditional Japanese, native American and Mexican) and also military camouflage and animal patterns. Together they create a mix of civilizations and religions bringing forth a new meaning to them.

Working on it for more than 15 months, Jonathan Bréchignac describes it as a fight with himself, inch by inch. Long periods of thinking and planning followed by trials to find the perfect patterns before even starting on it.

”I never really knew what I wanted from the beginning. Finding inspiration and learning through trials was key to the project”, Jonathan describes the process.

The work has all been made on Jonathan’s free time and it’s finally nearing completion.

”Even if it’s a drawing, it must still be thought of as a praying carpet. The plan is to keep it between two pieces of plexiglass to place on the ground.”

Despite working on it for hundreds of hours Jonathan has still only been able to use up one pen and is now working on emptying a second one.

”The old masters of art could spend up to a decade, or even a lifetime, to finish their work. I wanted to create something as long lasting, something that would take time.” Jonathan says after looking over his near finished work. ”To me, art is about the road to perfection, to take something from your mind and really work it out, with your hands. As soon as I finish this piece, I will start on the next. My plan is to create a series of it… For however long it’ll take.”

Work by Jonathan Bréchignac
Words by Johan Jeanson

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