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Cancer Survivor Runs a Marathon Everyday for a Whole Year
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Cancer Survivor Runs a Marathon Everyday for a Whole Year

Running Raw Around Australia | Cancer Survivor Runs a Marathon Everyday for a Whole Year

64-year-old Australian woman Janette Murray-Wakelin and her 68-year-old partner Alan Murray began 2013 with an ambitious project known as Running Raw Around Australia that would require the couple to run a marathon every single day of the year. Traveling around Australia on foot, the athletic pair managed to not only accomplish this, but they even tacked on an extra day on January 1, 2014, rounding out their grand total to 366 marathons in 366 days (a world record for the most consecutive marathons).

Regardless of aches, sores, mosquito bites, and weather, the active duo were determined to fulfill their year-long challenge. In the end, they wound up running just a few hundred shy of 10,000 miles. On top of that, they managed to accomplish their grueling task on a raw vegan diet, consuming dozens of bananas a day.

There were numerous incentives for taking on this journey together throughout the year that goes beyond just a personal challenge. As a cancer survivor in her 60s, Janette provides a source of inspiration and motivation for others. Additionally, the pair of runners sought to promote a healthy, alternative lifestyle while simultaneously raising “environmental awareness for a sustainable future.”










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