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BroApp: your clever relationship wingman
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BroApp: your clever relationship wingman

Do you find it difficult to manage your romantic relationship while still having time to hang out with your male friends? If you do, newly released app by Australian developers Factorial Products Ltd. may be the answer. Named ‘BroApp’, this handy digital tool helps busy men “outsource their relationships” by automatically sending sweet messages to their girlfriends—with that out of the way, users would now have more time to hang out with their “bros”.


The user can compose several texts and have them scheduled to be sent out on a specific day—according to its creators, the app “leverages advanced algorithms to intelligently determine the best time to send a text message to your girlfriend”. To prevent blowing the cover of its users, BroApp would not send texts when it detects the girlfriend’s Wi-Fi network—which means that the user is at her home—or if she has been in recent contact with the user.  BroApp also has a “girlfriend safety lock down” feature that sends an inquisitive girlfriend to a list of gifts the user is “planning” to give her when she goes snooping around on his phone.


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