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British Landmarks Renamed | Ogilvy & Mather for VisitBritain
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British Landmarks Renamed | Ogilvy & Mather for VisitBritain

This three Cannes Lions award-winning campaign was created by Ogilvy & Mather for VisitBritain and will definitely make you smile. As part of the campaign, Chinese citizens were invited to rename some of the UK’s most famous landmarks, like Abbey Road, The Shard, and Sherwood Forest. The suggestions were all pretty comical, including Glen Coe being renamed as “Grim but Colourful Valley”, and apparently Chinese tourism to the UK has gone up as a result, so the campaign can definitely be called a success. Watch the video below.

BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_01 BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_02 BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_03 BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_04 BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_05 BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_06 BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_07 BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_08 BritishLandmarks_feeldesain_09

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