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A Milan Expo Pavilion Every Day | Day 70: USA Food Truck Nation
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A Milan Expo Pavilion Every Day | Day 70: USA Food Truck Nation

Although technically not a pavilion, the USA’s Food Truck Nation is a separate area from their official space, and deserves a mention in our Pavilion A Day series. Food Truck Nation is the restaurant of the United States, but is not a traditional eatery – six trucks offer visitors amazing American street food, from barbecued beef and pork to Kentucky fried chicken and seafood typical of the state of Maine, and of course a great selection of America’s finest juicy burgers. Naturally, visitors are also encouraged to try some authentic desserts and 84 different types of drinks. If you didn’t want to take away, there’s a covered terrace to sit and enjoy your food while you rest your weary feet.

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