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Bicycle Club Design in Sanya
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Bicycle Club Design in Sanya

Amsterdam-based NL Architects recently proposed this design for a Bicycle Club in Sanya, the southernmost city of China. Sanya, located in the Hainan Province, is well-known for its tropical climate and is a popular tourist destination. The plans include a dedicated space for visitors and bike enthusiasts, who can pedal around the top oval structure or take a rest in the glass-enclosed café below.
The second level provides a fun bicycle area as well as respite below from the hot tropical sun.

The design proposal was created for real estate developer VANKE as part of a larger resort area in Southern China. Visitors can rent bicycles, enjoy the café, and marvel at the curved bike track that rests upon a foundation of glass and, from a distance, appears to be floating. This elegant and functional design is in the approval stages, but construction is due to start very soon.

This modern attraction would be a great way to spend a touristy afternoon.

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