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Bic Pen Portraits | Mark Powell
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Bic Pen Portraits | Mark Powell

Impressive Bic pen portraits on old envelopes, documents and newspapers by artist Mark Powell. Enjoy the photogallery below.

'all+blood+runs+green'+Bic+biro+drawing+on+antique+Chinese+cheques feeldesain 01jpg

'To+lament+the+past+is+to+watch+yourself+bleed'+Bic+biro+drawing+on+1920+certificate eldesain 02

feeeldesain 08

feeldesain 03

feeldesain 04

feeldesain 05

feeldesain 07

feeldesain 09

feeldesain 010

feeldesain 011

feeldesain 012

feeldesain 013

feeldesain 014

Mark+Powell+at+work feeldesain 016

'a+blindfold+for+the+darkness'+Bic+biro+drawing+on+1902+prayer eldesain 03

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