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Berlin cardboard Boombox
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Berlin cardboard Boombox

Berlin-based designer and illustrator Axel Pfaender has created the “Berlin Boombox”, a functional and surprisingly durable MP3 sound system that is made of cardboard and comes in the shape of an old-school boombox.
After a success campaign on Kickstarter, this quirky portable speaker is now available for sale—the Berlin Boombox kit comes with a cardboard cut-out structure and all the necessary electronic parts.

The creator of this good looking, lightweight and portable music-playing device assures potential buyers that “assembly is easy, glue-free, tool-free and takes only a couple of minutes”—there is also a construction manual that guides you through the assembly process step-by-step.  Minimalist in design, this black-and-white boombox is made of strong corrugated cardboard and features a single big knob for power and volume—it is on sale for US$79.90 over here.




Schermata 2013-09-10 alle 10.18.03

Schermata 2013-09-10 alle 10.17.49

Schermata 2013-09-10 alle 10.16.32 Berlin-Boombox-fuer-iPhone-vorne

Schermata 2013-09-10 alle 10.16.58

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