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Beer Press Coasters
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Beer Press Coasters

Have a look at this Beer Press Coasters made to unite all beer enthusiasts.

Beer Press Collection 01

The Product

Beer Press is a modern product and art piece for your home, office, basement, and bar. The collection was designed by highly talented and seasoned graphic artists. Made in the USA, each printed piece is delicately handcrafted by a vintage 1960’s letterpress for the most beautiful and decorative coasters on the market.

Designed for visibility – the 6 pub/bar coasters are well displayed by a premium bamboo stand. The eco-friendly stand is deeply engraved with the Beer Press logo.
The complete Beer Press Collection includes 8 x 8 inch fine art prints for incredible wall art.

The Idea

“Stick with what you love and success will follow.” That’s been the motto for the majority of my life and an ideology I truly live by. When creating the Beer Press Collection, I followed protocol – but this time, I wanted to combine four passions into one idea.

For this product, I blended my love of design, typography, letterpress, and of course beer into something I started calling Beer Press. Well, the name stuck, and we got working away on prototypes for the entire Beer Press Collection.

The Process

It took three months of planning, designing, and many long days/weeks of shop time with skilled pressmen and wood workers to fully complete the entire Beer Press Collection. When it was finished, everyone involved was thrilled with the outcome.
From the conception of the original idea, to the typographic design work, to the executed end product – each piece of the Beer Press Collection was a success.

Beer Press Collection 02

Beer Press Collection 03

Beer Press Collection 04

Beer Press Collection 05

Beer Press Collection 06

Beer Press Collection 07

Beer Press Collection 08

Beer Press Collection 09

Beer Press Collection 10

Beer Press Collection 11

Beer Press Collection 12

Beer Press Collection 13

Beer Press Collection 14

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