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Baroque Wigs | Asya Kozina
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Baroque Wigs | Asya Kozina

While these intricate paper wigs may not be hugely practical (or indeed, at all practical), we can’t help but admire them. The paper craft headgear is by Russian artist Asya Kozina, who made them as “art for art’s sake”, and the styles mimic the stunningly eccentric hairstyles of the Baroque era. She even adds details like boats, flowers and frills, taking her “hairstyles” to a whole new level of wow. Check them out below.


Images: Anastasia Andreeva for Asya Kozina via Behance

baroquewigs_feeldesain_01 baroquewigs_feeldesain_02 baroquewigs_feeldesain_03 baroquewigs_feeldesain_04 baroquewigs_feeldesain_05 baroquewigs_feeldesain_06 baroquewigs_feeldesain_07 baroquewigs_feeldesain_08 baroquewigs_feeldesain_09 baroquewigs_feeldesain_10

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