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Artsocks: When Socksfran Can Be A Piece Of Art
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Design studio Backbone created a super cool packaging for the new Artsocks’s collection about some of the world’s most renowned painting masterpieces. Here’s the frames for these artwork socks!

Artsocks is the new line of creative socks that carry the design of some of the world’s most renowned painting masterpieces.

Acting true to the name of the brand and the theme of the collection, for the packaging design studio Backbone opted for the concept of a box that evoked a frame.

In fact, paintings and frames go hand in hand. Other than its obvious function of protecting the artwork and allowing it to be hanged, the frame permits the eye of the viewer to focus on the subject that it is surrounding and drawing attention to its content by highlighting its significance.

The elegant and sober design of the frame packaging is in contrast with the vibrant, colorful socks, therefore allowing the client to focus on the actual item.

The monochrome choice and minimal design of the frame is also intended for practical reasons: this allows the frames to be suitable and adaptable to a wide array of sock designs, no matter what kind of print, pattern or color they had.

This packaging won 2019 edition of Pentawards.

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