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art x smart | kim dong-kyu
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art x smart | kim dong-kyu

art x smart adds 21st technology onto famous masterpieces

Combining famous historical paintings with images of 21st century technology, ‘art x smart’ has transported them into another time. the addition of smartphones onto masterpieces by artists such as cézanne, gogh and manet forces one to re-examine them and question the influence of technology on modern society. the works are intended to be humorous parodies of the way smartphones have dramatically changed today’s social interaction. the models in the classical paintings use the devices to play games, take pictures and listen to music, as though the action was of second nature to them, like it is for us.


sunday afternoon’ after ‘a sunday afternoon on the island of la grande’ by jattegeorges-pierre seurat, 1884–1886

‘balcony’ after ‘L’homme au balcon’ by gustave caillebotte, 1880

‘his room’ after ‘the bedroom’ by vincent van gogh, 1888

‘multi-touch zoom’ after ‘the ancient of days’ by william blake, 1794

old man in sorrow’ after ‘old man in sorrow’ by vincent van gogh, 1890

‘a family gathering’ after ‘the balcony’ by édouard manet, 1868

‘in a cafe’ after ‘l’absinthe‘ by  edgar degas, 1876

‘music for dreaming’ after ‘the dream’ by pablo picasso, 1932

‘always in my hand’ after ‘in the conservatory’ by édouard manet, 1878-9

‘her mirror’ after ‘rokeby venus’ by diego velázquez, 1647–51

tumblr_mvsapjCRvj1t0tb9do1_1280 tumblr_mvsasnku411t0tb9do1_1280
‘girl with a pearl earring and an iPhone’ after ‘girl with a pearl earring’ by johannes vermeer, 1665

‘the card players’ by paul cézanne, 1894–95


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