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Archventil – Milan Design Week 2014
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Archventil – Milan Design Week 2014

Archventil is a young architecture and design studio founded in Milan by two creative in search of innovation. The studio presented at Milan Design Week 2014 two project that we think you should take a look at: “Giralibri” and “3d Stool”.

Giralibri is a bookshelf that reacts to the change of the contents by giving an answer to the question posed by the user. The library is a wheel-shaped wall structure. The wheel has the holes into which one can place the pins with bolts. The pins are hanging the baskets, whose quantity is defined by the user. The kit contains the stickers with the letters. This allows the user to create various writings and to put them from both sides of the wheel. With these writings the user defines the two subjects of the content. The contents can be books or other items related to work and personal interests, books that reflect the creative side of the user and the scientific one, or simply read books and ones to read. As the user fills the baskets the wheel reacts to the weight and rotates in a certain direction indicating with the arrow the dominant theme. Giralibri is an interactive object that reflects the interests of the user.

archventil_giralibri_foto (4) archventil_giralibri_foto (5) archventil_giralibri_foto (6) archventil_giralibri_foto (8) archventil_giralibri_foto (12) archventil_giralibri_renders (9)

Archventil launches a new experimental project: a series of products designed with small elements which can be produced on a desktop 3d printer and then just assembled. The user would pay only for design and not for the production. 3DStool is a modular object which can be transformed into a small table or even into a bench. It is constructed with parts of a small dimension. The biggest element is 12x12x8cm. These dimensions allow to 3d print each singular element on any desktop 3d printer. Special connections and hooks allow to put everything together without adding any glue. One can always decide if it’s better to use 3DStool in its original version and dimension (40x40cm, h42cm) or if this stool will become shorter, longer or wider. The user is free to choose the color too: it depends on the ABS plastic’s color he decides to use.

archventil_3dstool_foto (8) archventil_3dstool_renders (6) archventil_3dstool_renders (1) archventil_3dstool_foto (1) archventil_3dstool_foto (3) archventil_3dstool_foto (4) archventil_3dstool_foto (11)

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