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Apartment In A Box
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Apartment In A Box

New ‘Apartment In A Box’ Tackles Tiny Living With Myriad Space-Saving Features

A fresh furniture concept by MIT Media Lab that was first featured two years ago is finally coming to fruition.
Aimed at tackling the distressing space limitations of micro living, this robotic ‘apartment in a box’ can transform into a bedroom, office and living room at the touch of a button.

The research group that developed the idea of this closet-sized unit formed their own startup, Ori, to push this idea to the mass market full-time.
The company has modified the award-winning prototype to make it a more practical purchase for the average consumer and is currently targeting real estate developers.

“Space should adapt to activities instead of the other way around. We saw robotics in other industries and saw that real estate was so far behind. It’s still building things like the Romans,” said Ori’s CEO Hasier Larrea in an interview with Fast Company.

“The idea is to create a new renaissance of robotics for interior design.”

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