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Animals Camouflage | Art Wolfe
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Animals Camouflage | Art Wolfe

Wildlife photographers are used to camouflaging into their environment in order to capture the beautiful creatures that roam this planet without disrupting them. It’s best to catch images of animals in their natural element, though this can be rather difficult given their elusive nature. As much as photographers seek to conceal their position, sometimes it can be hard to tell what they’re hiding from because animals have a natural gift for evasively prowling for prey or hiding from predators.

Seattle-based nature photographer Art Wolfe manages to capture some of these animals blending into their environment, making it hard to tell that they’re even there. Since the 1980’s, Wolfe has been traveling all across the world using his keen eye to capture animals hidden within the trees, leaves, rocks, sand, and even snow for his ongoing Vanishing Act series in his Camouflage set. It’s incredible to think that Wolfe was right there with the concealed creatures and was perceptive enough to spot them. Can you see the camouflaged animals in these photographs?




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