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Aerial Pools Look Intriguing And Inspiring
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Aerial Pools Look Intriguing And Inspiring

Stuttgart-based photographer Stephan Zirwes makes a serie of aerial pictures sitting in a helicopter hovering above pools.

From his 1,000-foot high vantage point, he makes an array of otherwise ordinary swimming pools look intriguing and inspiring.

Zirwes uses a Hasselblad 50 MP camera to shoot the scenes beneath him. The Sony World Photography award winner places the earth first: lines and patterns around the pools land are explored in his images. Human movement is secondary to his work, the figures in his photos can be seen but cannot be distinguished. Zirwes then uses Photoshop to edit the images, taking out any distractions such as irregular buildings and makes a “frame” around the swimming pool.

The final outcome is an extensive series of images that distort one’s perspective and draw attention to the patterns and paths that we often take for granted while on ground level. His aerial images also serve to illuminate the great vastness and diversity of the pools on our planet.

Pools often have nice structures and sometimes also strange designs.

Zirwes is not the only one who can transform (aerial) pools in art. The London-based photographer Flora Maclean turns human body into artsy portraits. Check her last collection about domestic abuse and women’s football.

All images © Stephan Zirwes

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