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AdPrint Festival
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AdPrint Festival

AdPrint Festival reaches its 13th edition, the eight full European one after 5 regional competitions.

The name of the festival says it all. AdPrint is the only European festival dedicated solely to print advertising celebration. It is the most demanding and the most difficult exercise because it needs a great idea. The Idea. It has to convince at first sight.

AdPrint Festival 2012 encompasses two competitions: Advertising Angels and Design Angels. Entries in both Advertising and Design Angels leverage one powerful medium: print.

AdPrint’s core recognition goes to Print Advertising and Graphic Design and to the inspiration deriving from the team spirit. Print will always be around. It’s here to stay. It is, and always will be, a powerful way to reach out and touch the consumer.
Advertising Angels are also known for the recognition that goes to creative teams and the effort behind a great work. At AdPrint, creative teams judge creative teams.

The essence of creativity, print advertising reflects best the key concept and the great communication between the minds that created it. AdPrint Festival acknowledges all print communication, outdoor or poster. All executions, print ads, posters, billboards are awarding advertising ideas.

The festival’s core recognition goes to creative teams, as it is the only European advertising contest that awards the partnership behind great ideas. As you are already used to it, the philosophy of the latest editions places even more weight on the role of the creative team and that reflects in the type of jury structure.

Call for Entries period for the AdPrint Festival 13th edition, the only European advertising festival dedicated exclusively to print advertising, branding and graphic design! AdPrint Festival 2012 has a a broader approach to advertising and branding and enlarges its competition structure.

The festival categories and sections now include a Graphic Design category that unfolds the following sections: Branding schemes (corporate identity) / Logos / Book cover / Magazine cover / Magazine special ads, advertorials, inserts / Movie poster / Direct Mail / Packaging / Catalogues, brochures, leaflets, annuals, calendars & others.


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