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Adidas: Change is a Team sport
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Adidas Superstar celebrates 50th Anniversary with creative collaboration in support of the city of Barcelona.

Adidas launches a collaborative window gallery installation at Acid House Barcelona, marking the start of a careful transition back to normality.
Part of this year’s ‘Change is a Team Sport’ gravity-defying campaign is dedicated to teamwork.

Superstar is an urban style silhouette that has left its mark on several generations of creators and athletes. Nicknamed the “clam-toe”, “shell-toe”, “shell shoes”, the iconic design is known as one of the major influences in the sneaker culture.
True to the Superstar’s unrivaled heritage, Adidas Originals is now harnessing the teamwork’s power in a series of initiatives inspiring positive change

With long careers in the creation of installation pieces and interaction, Raúl Nieves and David Haro have conceptualized and produced a brand new kinetic installation. It is supported by an invisible and coordinated design of magnetic fields, which make the model float in the showcase.

Situated in the Window Gallery area of the newly launched creative hub, Acid House Barcelona, their award-winning technology uses a balance of different magnetic forces to create an effect where the Superstar product appears to be “floating” in the space. 

This unique display is visible day and night, enriched by the direct spotlights of the lighting designer Protopixel, and supported by art direction from Folch Studio.
The installation is based on the product itself, only by working together will the magnets keep the product both suspended and illuminated, encapsulating the concept behind the “Change is a Team Sport” campaign.

Photo by Martí Pujol

The project is developed by Folch and hosted at Acid House Barcelona.

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