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Adamà, a sustainable beauty brand based in Amsterdam
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Adamà is a small brand dedicated to 100% natural and earth friendly skin care products based in Amsterdam.

Founded by young entrepreneur Federica Perissinotto, her desire was to create a sustainable beauty brand with eco-friendly packaging.

The strong connection to the land is also in the name, because Adamà is Hebrew for ‘earth’ as a reference to what sustains us.
For the very first collection – from packaging to ingredients within products – the project addresses both the health concerns and the ecological impact concerns that surround the industry.

This philosophy is reflected in every details of Adamà brand. The visual identity focuses on clean lines and minimalism.

Starting from ingredients graphic designer Cristina Zilio came up with the idea of seven shades for every packaging, where the color palette drawns on the main ingredient making the product up. Yellow for chamomile, lilac for lavender, green for spirulina, orange for grapeseed and purple black for charcoal. Moreover, the few ingredients are represented outside on the packaging with drops, recaptured in the inside with a full background.

In addition to thoughtfully selecting the ingredients, the sustainability of Adamà is also in the materials. The products are packed with Favini Crush derived from corn. This eco-friendly paper by Favini contains 40% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKOenergy, resulting in a 20% reduction in carbon footprint.

The Amsterdam-based brand Adamà choses sleek, amber colored glass jars because they are 100% recyclable and the color helps protect formulas from UV rays, which can compromise the products’ integrity.

Photography: Margherita Calati

Social media communication: Irene Marchesano

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