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ActiWait pedestrian ping pong
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ActiWait pedestrian ping pong

Originally named StreetPong when invented by interaction design students at HAWK University two years ago, ActiWait is a brand new and playful traffic light button. It is now in action in Hildesheim and Oberhausen in Germany after the designers set to work with design companies and traffic experts to create a device which really worked. ActiWait is intended for pedestrian crossings at traffic lights where the waiting time is fairly long, and allows users to play a game of ping pong with whoever is waiting on the other side, using a touch screen. Not only is ActiWait a fun way to pass the time, it will also hopefully mean fewer people dash across the road in front of oncoming cars. It also makes the experience of crossing town on foot less anonymous and more fun. Right now, ActiWait is still a prototype and is relying on an Indiegogo campaign in order to be able to go ahead in other cities around the world.







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