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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 56: Nepal
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 56: Nepal

After the devastating earthquake in Nepal, many of the Nepalese workers were forced to return home, and the pavilion was finished by a group of kind volunteers. Designed by the Implementing Expert Group (IEG), who trained teams of craftsmen in order to recreate traditional elements of Nepalese architecture and who were responsible for the pavilions at 4 other Universal Expositions, the pavilion looks like an ancient settlement, with traditional inlaid wood, terracotta, metal and stone details. Laid out in the shape of a mandala, a circular symbol representing the circle of life, the pavilion gives visitors the chance to experience the sensations of Nepal, learning about the country’s high biodiversity and even helping to create traditional dishes. Nepal was keen to participate in Expo 2015 as the country is unable to keep up with demand for food, and Expo was a good reason to focus on the need to develop new programs for food production.

ExpoNepal_feeldesain_01 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_02 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_03 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_04 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ExpoNepal_feeldesain_06 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_07 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_08 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_09 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_10 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_11 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_12 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_13ExpoNepal_feeldesain_14 ExpoNepal_feeldesain_15

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