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A house inside a ruin | Sami Arquitectos
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A house inside a ruin | Sami Arquitectos

This interesting architectural project was the work of Sami Arquitectos on the island of Pico in the Azores, and took a ruin as its starting point. Inside the original walls, the minimal, light and modern holiday home was developed, sometimes following the lines of the original walls and other times creating a new outline. The development respects the original ruins but also makes the most of them, allowing them to be part of a structure once more, and offers inhabitants something both old and new. The many openings allow fantastic views and plenty of light, and the simple interior would make for a relaxing vacation.

RuinHouse_feeldesain_01 RuinHouse_feeldesain_02 RuinHouse_feeldesain_03 RuinHouse_feeldesain_04 RuinHouse_feeldesain_05 RuinHouse_feeldesain_07 RuinHouse_feeldesain_08 RuinHouse_feeldesain_09 RuinHouse_feeldesain_10

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