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8 Questions with Cyril Zammit • Design Days Dubai
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Cyril Zammit is the Director for Design Days Dubai and this is his 3rd year in this role. Thanks to his background and passion for art, this year’s event is set to be bigger and more exciting than before.

1. This is the 3rd edition of Design Days Dubai. 
 Any changes worth mentioning?

First of all we are very proud to have our third edition of Design Days Dubai. This year we have changed the location to Downtown Dubai and we are also very happy to have gained new interest from fresh new galleries and visitors from across the globe, not just in the surrounding countries. For instance we will showcase the works of over 150 designers, 33 galleries representing 20 different countries and works from 20th century masters, major contemporary names and fresh faces.

2. What highlights can we expect from the workshops, 
 screenings and installations?

We have on site productions, new designer exhibits and installations, some very interesting workshops and most of all we have injected some new energy into Design Days Dubai. It will also be great to see local exhibitors and original talents.

3. Your personal expectations for the 3rd edition?

This is my third year as director and I am excited about the changes we have seen over the last few years. It’s certainly very important to have government backing, this support allows us grow and offer our visitors a wonderful experience. This a market for everyone, full of culture and history. We hope that our guests will take the time to look around beyond the Design Days Dubai.



Guests arrive for a private tour of Design Days Dubai 2013.

4. What type of feedback have you received about Design Days Dubai?

So far we have received some great feedback regarding our past editions. We offer variety and visitors gain some insight into exhibitors that are new to them. Most importantly, some of the exhibitors are very enthusiastic about selling many of the items they expose. This is really a place for everyone.

5. What are the future goals for Design Days Dubai?

As I mentioned, we are growing our footprint and our reach, so our goal is to continue to attract talent and curious visitors. The quality of Design Days Dubai is supported by the support we receive by our media and corporate sponsors as well. We would like to continue to demonstrate that we are a player with other global design shows.

6. What are some of the new trends you have seen?

I think people are interested in a specific the of design, but in the end the buy spontaneously, almost on impulse. It’s not about the cost, but about what they feel a connection with.

7. Your favorite designer/artist and or style of design?

I like many, hard to pick one. I like pure lines. Can be complex to make, but has to look simple.









8. Surprises – What can visitors expect from Dubai ?

Visitors can expect a lot from Dubai. We are not just 7 star hotels. We have 50 art galleries, caffe’s around the city, little unexpected corners to get lost in, amazing food, unique architecture and most importantly its a very safe city.


Come to Dubai and expect the unexpected. Prepare to see an amazing place. We are waiting for you.

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