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65-square-meter apartment in Barcelona by CaSa
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65-square-meter apartment in Barcelona by CaSa

Located in Born, one of Barcelona’s oldest neighborhoods, this 65-square-meter apartment is housed in a building that’s dated back to the 13th century. A young Italian woman who works in fashion purchased the flat and hired Colombo and Serboli Architecture (CaSA) to completely refurbish it. The transformation resulted in a new, more open layout with vaulted ceilings, a playful color scheme, and original details.

The apartment was originally dark with three bedrooms and a broken layout. Walls were removed, leaving one bedroom and a large open living space for entertaining. Two large windows in the kitchen and living space keep it light and bright.

The open kitchen includes a rounded island and warm grey cabinets with an adjacent bright coral volume that disguises the powder room.

Photo by Roberto Ruiz.


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