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3d-printed zoetrope sculptures | John Edmark
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3d-printed zoetrope sculptures | John Edmark

Take a look at these strangely hypnotic videos of the 3D printed ‘zoetrope’ creations by John EdmarkThe Stanford professor created the sculptures using 3D printing, following the famous Fibonacci sequence and using the golden angle of 137.5 degrees to ensure the final result would come about as he wanted. The Fibonacci sequence and 137.5 degree angle can often be seen in nature, including in pineapples and pine cones. As the sculptures turn on a base which rotates, and are lit by a strobe light (or if a camera is used on a very low shutter speed), the sculpture’s pattern appears to move, with some of the sculptures appearing to open like a flower. The timing of the base and the strobe are synchronised so that there’s a flash each time the sculpture turns, you guessed it, 137.5 degrees. If you’d like to try your hand at this very project, Edmark shows you how to do just that on Instructables.







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