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Saatchi Online

If you are looking for something new to hang on your walls or a sculpture to place on your coffee table you should check out Saatchi online gallery.If you need to find art for sale this is a valid place to stop and take a look. From assemblage and collage, fine art to pop art, sculptures and street art, digital and photography …Numerous options that can satisfy many individual tastes.

Schermata 2013-09-19 alle 10.10.27

Saatchi online gallery also has some interesting comments and insight from global guest curators and artist that showcase their work and provide a new look into todays world of art.
Being an online gallery gives visitors the option of navigating through broad categories and styles that are original and certainly provide buyers the advantage of purchasing something unique and eye catching.

We also liked the “Showdown” section, an online competition where artists can display  their work and have the chance to be judged by internationally acclaimed artists and curators.
The winner will be invited to display their art at the Saatchi Gallery in London.

So, if you need some art take a look at Saatchi Online , or you could could just navigate the site during your lunch break to get a little inspiration.

Abstract Landscape #22 | Yangyang Pan – Canada

Subversion | Miriam Sweeney


dog | Patricia Derks

Walking Shadow 9 | Jason Ratliff

Walking Shadow, Paper Planes | Jason Ratliff

Advertisement 2013 | Peter Vahlefeld | Germany

“Apnea” | Eloisa Ballivian | Argentina

Western Front Cutout (Part I) | Ed Fairburn

Schermata 2013-09-19 alle 10.10.27



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