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3D Chalk Art | Leon Keer
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3D Chalk Art | Leon Keer

Take a look at these anamorphic murals by Leon Keer. From most angles, the chalk designs look like abstract art, but from the right spot you can understand the clever details of his artwork. The Dutch artist often works on large pieces featuring LEGO characters, gummy bears, or imaginary landscapes which are fun and playful and look very realistic. And in case you were wondering, yes, Keer’s art washes away as soon as it rains, but that’s all part of the magic.

Opticalillusion_feeldesain_01 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_02 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_03 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_04 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_05 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_07 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_08 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_09 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_10 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_11 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_12 Opticalillusion_feeldesain_13

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