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365 Days in Print | Pia Knoester
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365 Days in Print | Pia Knoester

My 365 Days in Print is the work of Pia Knoester, who found that as her life became fuller and busier, she stopped writing a journal as she had previously, instead posting about her life and that of her children on Facebook. This led her to developing her business, which allows anyone to squeeze a year’s worth of memories, taken from the social network, into a beautifully printed book. Her idea is to have a real book which can be passed down through the generations. From each journal sold, €1 is donated to charity, this year it’s the Faso Foundation which supports education by building schools, providing school supplies, and training teachers, eventually teaching kids to read and write so that they’ll be able to preserve their own memories. The books themselves cost €69 and are very simple and stylish. The app helps the process by choosing the most relevant posts based on likes, but of course, you have the final decision on what goes in and what stays out (handy if you wouldn’t want your future grandkids flicking through the photos of that office party). Find out more about how My 365 Days in Print works here.

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