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27 Contemporary Architecture in Europe
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27 Contemporary Architecture in Europe

“27” è un bel viaggio di  due architetti e designer. Viaggiano insieme per incontrare architetti impegnati nel processo di creazione dell’Europa di domani. Questo intrigante teaser ci accompagna in un viaggio nel cuore di architettura contemporanea, che deve costantemente reinventarsi. 27 paesi, 27 le culture, 27architetti per costruire secondo i propri criteri.

“27” is a joint venture between a filmmaker, two architects and a designer. They travel together to meet people engaging in the process of making the Europe of tomorrow. “27” is a journey into the heart of contemporary European architecture, under a permanent state of mutation. 27countries, 27 cultures, 27 architects build according to their own rules, and their own history while giving contribution for the construction of a common space : Europe.
Music by Zombie Zombie & Étienne Jaumet.
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