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trident gum packaging | Hani Douaji

Trident Xtra Care is a chewing sugar-free gum that helps protect teeth and gums in between meals and gives a whiter brighter smile. I created a new playful and interactive packaging which enhance the main feature of the product “Protecting Teeth”.A range of Six packs that represent three flavours, each pack has an illustration of a mouth with either mustache or lips. The chewing gum look like teeth through the mouth die-cut window. The Blister chewing gums is designed to look like a set of bright teeth on pink gums.

hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_01 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_02 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_03 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_04 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_05 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_06 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_07 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_08 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_09 hani-douaji-trident-gum-packaging-concept-feeldesain_10


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