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Instapizza | Renesa Architecture Design
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Instapizza | Renesa Architecture Design

What do you think of this pizza restaurant in New Delhi, India? Designed by Renesa Architecture Design, Instapizza is an industrial-inspired pizza joint with a friendly feel. The exposed piping has been painted in red and yellow, almost looking like tubes of ketchup and mustard, and the plaster brick walls have been kept simple and white. Metal framed chairs and simple wooden tables offer customers a spot to eat their pizzas and admire the unusual interior of the restaurant, with its interesting lighting with artistically arranged tubing. Photos below.


Photos Vibhor Yaday via DesignBoom

instapizza_feeldesain_01 instapizza_feeldesain_02 instapizza_feeldesain_03 instapizza_feeldesain_04 instapizza_feeldesain_05 instapizza_feeldesain_06 instapizza_feeldesain_07 instapizza_feeldesain_08 instapizza_feeldesain_09 instapizza_feeldesain_10 instapizza_feeldesain_11 instapizza_feeldesain_12

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