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Famous images recreated with food | Tatiana Shkondina

These images show the work of Tatiana Shkondina, who works as a food photographer and stylist. As you can see, Tatiana recreates famous pictures from art with edible materials, and cleverly uses the natural textures and colours of various foods, from fruits to vegetables to meat and fish, in order to make very recognisable images. These works of art definitely look good enough to eat.

food-classics-tanya-shkondina2-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina3-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina4-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina5-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina6-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina7-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina8-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina9-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina10-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina11-940x940 food-classics-tanya-shkondina12-940x940

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