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Around the world in 80 drinks

This is a striking infographic which delves into the world’s most popular drinks, and the countries which produce them better than anyone else. Sit down for a Scotch in Scotland, a Sangria in Spain or an Almdudler in Austria. How many have you tried?

Click below to enlarge the image.


Infographic by  CW WINE INVESTMENT 

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  • It’s Colombia, not Columbia!

  • what about turkish raki?

  • In Ecuador nobody drink Aguardiente !!! the most populars are:

    La guanchaca
    el quemado

    That is Wrong

  • RAKIA: It’s Serbian. If something is Serbian it is rakija. Bosnia and all the other Ex-Yu countries got it from Serbia. Sick of people ignoring our culture and boycotting us.

  • The Pisco is from Peru, additional we have made some exotic drinks like pisco sour.

  • Actually, “rakia” is a Bulgarian national drink. Not Bosnian or stuff.

  • Sandra, Rakia is also bulgarian drink. And WHY is mastika macedonian?! WHY?! They exist on the map in 80 years… Mastika is loooong before them…

  • Akvavit is mostly norwegian, not danish.

  • As a brazilian, caipirinha is for us what mojito is for the cubans. And whilst mojito is mixed with rum, caipirinha is mixed with cachaça.
    So it gets a little confusing if the “80 drinks” are cocktails (i.e. caipirinha; mojito) or pure spirits or beverages (i.e. whisky; rum; vodka).
    Very nice effort nonetheless. 🙂

  • Actually “Palinka”, the one that you said it is Hungarys traditional drink, it’s romanian all day long.

  • Lithuania – “Midus”

  • Good argentine is not alcoholic

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