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Zoo Portraits | Yago Partal
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Zoo Portraits | Yago Partal

Dog and cat owners already know this, but dressing your pet up in fashionable clothes is perhaps the best entertainment you’ll have. Yago Partal takes a cue from these pet owners and transfers it to something a little more exotic, the zoo.His recent series Zoo Portraits, sees creatures from giraffes to wolves getting spiffed up in trendy clothes; from suits to Hawaiian shirts. It’s one ridiculously fashionable menagerie.

The Barcelona based Partal mostly creates mature work, like a photo series from his journey to Cuba, or photo manipulations removing portions of his model’s body. It’s only in this series that he gets a little wild and goofy, producing something funny and wildly entertaining. Some of the pictures are spot-on believable, others miss the mark a bit… but all are worth a gander. See more in the series at Zoo Portraits, or find more from Yago Partal on his personal site.

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