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Your European vacation designed by you
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Your European vacation designed by you

Choose your European adventure, with British Airways. Get a taste of the thrills waiting for you, and experience the different sides of your favorite cities. Just pick a destination.
Click the link, Play the video, and let the adventure begin.

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Night: Drink in the nightlife. And make it a double.

Wondering where you hang out by a rooftop pool while sipping the finest cocktails, surrounded by gorgeous 360-degree views of the city? If so, we have just the place for you: a restaurant and lounge named Terraza La Isabella. Make sure you book your table early, as everyone wants to see and be seen.

Day: Stroll through a giant work of art.

Spend a day at Parc Guell, in the mind of Antoni Gaudi. Wind your way through miles of fantastic creatures made of intricate tile mosaic—from sea creatures to preening parrots. Make your way to the cross sculpture at the highest point of the park and take in the most complete and breathtaking view of the city.

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Old: Spy on history through a centuries-old keyhole.

Peek through the Aventine Keyhole—a tiny, ancient peephole in an unassuming door nestled in the elegant Santa Maria del Priorato church. This miniature vantage point will give you perfectly aligned view of the Vatican. Coincidence, or tactic of the Knights Templar? You decide.

New: Taste your way from the Vatican to the Coliseum.

Gather ‘round a plate of perfectly piped, orange-spiced Cannoli. Clink glasses of Trebbiano with like-minded travelers on a private verandah. Or, learn the secrets for yourself, from a real Italian grandmother. Whatever off-beat gourmet experience suits your palate, go for a custom tour from Italy Hotline.

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Punk: Get your heart racing, in yesteryear’s fun.

Take an adventurous stroll through the creepy-cool remnants of a 1960s amusement park. Snap some memorable—and surreal—photos of vintage fiberglass dinosaurs and rollercoaster cars, as you pick your way through overgrown sidewalks.

Posh: Float in a spa that floats in a river.

Warm up or chill out on this floating river barge. Whether cold weather or warm, you can go for a dip in the pool, or relax in its sauna—or play a round of table tennis. Stay past dark to grab a cocktail and listen to the sounds of a live DJ.

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Classic: Selling rarities from around the world since 1833.

Come take in the exotic ambiance of Deyrolle—one of the oldest and most unique shops in Paris. Although most pieces are too large to bring home, you can snag yourself a stunningly colorful butterfly collection, an antique French tea service, or a rare mineral centerpiece.

Curious: Margaritas and luchadors. In Paris?

Try not to lose your voice, as you cheer for your favorite wrestler at Lucha Libre—an indoor ring and bar. Just grab a cocktail and head downstairs to where the nightly action gets moving. Warning: don’t stand in the front row.

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