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WWF Christmas Tree // Albero di Natale WWF
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WWF Christmas Tree // Albero di Natale WWF

In Paris, the DesignPack Gallery (dedicated to art and design of packagings) lauched an event to inform people on the way to recycle plastic bottles. In several places of the city, they made installation of christmas trees and other decorations only made with plastic bottles. At the same time, they inform people on the way these products are recycled (and how many of them are recycled today, what can be done with them…)

The complete installation needs only 3 546W to shine (equivalent to a switched-on TV during 2 4hours). In addition to this public event, the DesignPack Gallery also sells a cardboard structure to make one at home, collecting your own bottles (+the one of your neighbours and family).

[ via recyclart ]

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