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Wristwatches Dyed With Wine Designed By Analog Watch Co.
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Wristwatches Dyed With Wine Designed By Analog Watch Co.

Analog Watch Co. launches new wristwatch line featuring real cork bands that were dyed with actual wine – cabernet and blueberry wine to be exact. The project is part of The Somm Collection.

The brand is already famous for creating watches out of wood, marble, and plants. This time the choice is wine!

The tannins in wine not only give it that wine flavor, they’re what causes your teeth to stain when you’re drinking it. That staining factor is what led Analog Watch Co. to use it to their benefit by dyeing the animal-free cork surface bands. Cork happens to be an all-natural and renewable material, and no harm is done to the oak trees while harvesting, which means it’s also an environmentally-friendly option. Plus, Analog is going to plant an oak tree for every watch they sell, so it’s a doubly good option!

There are five bands to choose from, red and blue which are dyed with wine, and natural cork, white cork, and black cork. Paired with the bands is a double-layered sunray dial housed within a brushed metal case, each of which are inspired by types of wine – Rosé for rose gold, Cassis for black, Chardonnay for gold, and Sake for silver.

The bands can easily be swapped out as it’s outfitted with a quick release spring bar.

Want a watch from The Somm Collection? Back their Kickstarter campaign for a early bird price starting at $75.

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