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Wes Anderson Postcards | Mark Dingo Francisco
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Wes Anderson Postcards | Mark Dingo Francisco

Wes Anderson fans will have already seen these film posters and will definitely love these postcards by Mark Dingo Francisco, an illustrator from the Philippines. The postcards use the famous places from Anderson’s films, like the Grand Budapest Hotel and  as locations, and also have matching stamps. The colourful images and lovely designs will make you wish that you really could visit these places and send a postcard home.

WesAnderson_feeldesain_01 postcards WesAnderson_feeldesain_03 postcards WesAnderson_feeldesain_05 postcards WesAnderson_feeldesain_07 postcards WesAnderson_feeldesain_09 postcards WesAnderson_feeldesain_11 postcards WesAnderson_feeldesain_13 postcards WesAnderson_feeldesain_15 postcards WesAnderson_feeldesain_17 WesAnderson_feeldesain_18 WesAnderson_feeldesain_19 WesAnderson_feeldesain_20

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