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WatchMe | Vivien Muller
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WatchMe | Vivien Muller

Another Kickstarter campaign today – this one’s by French designer Vivien Muller, and these are his little Apple Watch-charging critters. The creatures are called WatchMe, and have been created to turn Apple’s smartwatches into little monsters while they charge. The recyclable plastic charging stands (which house the original Apple charger) are available in yellow, black, and white, and are made of two parts, which can be swapped around for different colour combinations. The free “WatchMe” app will allow users to add a fun, animated eye to their monster. Find out more on the project’s Kickstarter page.

WatchMe_feeldesain_01 WatchMe_feeldesain_02 WatchMe_feeldesain_03 WatchMe_feeldesain_04 WatchMe_feeldesain_05 WatchMe_feeldesain_06 WatchMe_feeldesain_07

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