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Unexpected Briefing #airnzhobbit
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Unexpected Briefing #airnzhobbit

Air New Zealand Partners With The Hobbit for An Unexpected Briefing

In a matter of days, Air New Zealand clocks in at over 1.5 million views on their latest marketing video. Air New Zealand partnered with WETA Workshop on a brand new Hobbit inspired Safety Video. It features cameo appearances including Sir Peter Jackson.

A quirky video that features many characters from the upcoming movie. Which part of this viral video did you enjoy the most?

The clever in-flight video takes passengers through the usual flight safety checks and features cameos by Gollum, Fili actor Dean O’Corman and J.R.R. Tolkien’s great-grandsons Mike and Royd Tolkien.

Even The Hobbit director Sir Peter Jackson makes an appearance.

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