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Ultimate XMAS Gift Ideas for Her by Feel Desain
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Ultimate XMAS Gift Ideas for Her by Feel Desain

We’ve already brought you our Ultimate Xmas Gift guide for HIM, but now it’s time to find the perfect stylish present for the woman in your life. Below are some of our favourite items, and we’re sure you’ll find just the thing. Take a peek…



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This striking textile design project is inspired by Turin, the city where these products draw their inspiration from: fascinating architecture that surrounds everyday life.

If you’re looking for a simple way to upgrade your cookies or pie crust, these rolling pins are here waiting for you with open arms.


A backpack which is made of a natural vegetable-tanned leather and features a really cool, origami-style expansion and contraction system.


Hedge aims to create exciting and fun ways for the urban dweller to add greenery to his or her home, whether on a patio, balcony, or in a tiny corner in the kitchen.


A collection of pendants created to simplify the concept of necklaces. For this reason the designer decided to focus on necklaces and give more importance to the pendant than the chain that supports them.


A graphic and colorful scarf collection. The most exotic birds wear the scarves that correspond with the colors of their beaks and their feathers. Perfect to brighten your winter up.


These architectural looking, artisanal “wood skin” clutches are constructed from 100% wood + leather lining. The geometric surface design provides the necessary flexibility and is soft to the touch.

This Christmas I Tradizionali have launched a special collection dedicated to lunches and dinners of festive days. A special gift, a collection celebrating the sharing of precious moments, in a fun way.

The design of this jewellery box is simple and pragmatic, and the form whether open or closed is very sculptural, but the materials and shapes make it beautiful as well as practical for everyday use.


Orikomi is a handmade origami lamp and by buying one you are also helping the Adobe for Women Association.

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That’s the end of our second Xmas guide. Did you miss the first one?

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